Tools & Functions in SAP BW

SAP AWB (Administrative WorkBench) – Tcode RSA1


1. Modeling
2. Monitoring
3. Reporting Agent
4. Transport connection (CTO)
5. Documents
6. Business Content
7. Translation
8. Metadata Repository
Function Description
Modeling In modeling, you can create and edit all the objects and rules of the Administrator Workbench that are needed for data transport, update and analysis. You can also execute functions related to these.

The objects are displayed in modeling in a tree structure. The objects are sorted here according to hierarchical criteria. Using the context menu for the objects, you can select the corresponding maintenance dialog for the objects or carry out the relevant functions . Double clicking on an object brings you to the corresponding maintenance dialog.

Monitoring In monitoring in the Administrator Workbench you have the option of overseeing and controlling the data loading process as well as other types of data processing in the Business Information Warehouse.
Reporting Agent The Reporting Agent is a tool used to schedule reporting functions in the background.

The following functions are available:

Evaluating exceptions
Printing queries
Pre-calculating Web templates
Pre-calculating characteristic variables of type pre-calculated value sets.
Pre-calculation of queries for Crystal reports
Managing bookmarks

You make settings for the specified reporting functions.
You assign the individual settings to scheduling packages for background processing.
You schedule scheduling packages as a job or within a process chain.

Transport connection In most cases, Business Information Warehouse development projects are not carried out in a productive system, rather in one or more development systems, depending on their scope.

If your development projects are done in one development system you have to transport the developments to the target system (a test or productive system).

You can use the transport connection to collect newly created or changed Business Information Warehouse objects in the respective development system, and subsequently transport them in using the Change and Transport Organizer (CTO).

Documents With BW Document Management objects, you can add, link to, and search in one or more documents in various formats, versions, and languages.
Business Content SAP delivers Business Content in the SAP Delivery Version (Version Control System)
Translation In the Translation function area in the Administrator Workbench, you can translate short and long texts for Business Information Warehouse objects.

The worklist automatically includes the following objects for object translation.

·       the sub-objects for this object

·       objects connected with this object

Metadata Repository With the HTML-based metadata repository, you can access information from a central point about the metadata objects from the Business Information Warehouse. This metadata especially includes important object properties and their relationships with other objects.
ETL Tool
3.DB Connect
4.UD Connect
5.Simple Object Access Protocol Service (SAP Web AS)
6.SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI)
7.Service API
8.BW core and SAP BW Analysis Process Designer
9.BI JDBC Connector ( For relational JDBC- Compliant Data Sources)
10.BI ODBO Connector (For ODBO- Compliant Data Sources)
11.BI SAP Query Connector (a component of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server)
12.BI XMLA Connector (for OLAP data sources such as SAP BW 3.x)
13.Open Hub Services
14.ODS Manager
 Data Profiling /Data Quality
 1.SAP BW Analysis Process Designer
Standard Query & Reporting
1.Reporting Agent
2.Bex Query Designer
3.Bex Analyzer
4.Bex Web Application Designer
5.Bex Web Analyzer
6.Ad-Hoc Query Designer
7.Bex Broadcaster
8.Bex Report Designer
9.BI Java SDK
Dashboard and Score Cards
1.BI Java SDK
2.SAP Strategy Management (Pilot Works)
Spreadsheet Add-On
1.Bex Analyzer
2.Bex Broadcaster
3.BI Java SDK
 1.Bex Analyzer
2.Bex Web Application Designer
3.Bex Web Analyzer
4.Data Mining Workbench
5.Bex Broadcaster
6.Bex Report Designer
7.BI Java SDK
8.Business Planning and Simulation (Outlook Soft)
9.SAP Strategy Management (Pilot Works)
1.Bex Analyzer
2.Bex Broadcaster
3.Bex Query Designer
4.Bex Web Analyzer
5.Bex Web Application Designer
6.BI Java SDK
7.InfoCube Manager
8.OLAP BAPI Interface
Advanced Visualization and Visual Data Mining
 1.BI Java SDK
2.Business Planning and Simulation (Outlook Soft)
3.SAP Strategy Management (Pilot Works)
Tools and Functions General Area
SAP AWB (Administrative WorkBench) General Administration
DB Connect ETL
UD Connect ETL
Simple Object Access Protocol Service (SAP Web AS) ETL
SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI) ETL
Service API ETL
BW core and SAP BW Analysis Process Designer ETL
BI JDBC Connector ( For relational JDBC- Compliant Data Sources) ETL
BI ODBO Connector (For ODBO- Compliant Data Sources) ETL
BI SAP Query Connector (a component of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server) ETL
BI XMLA Connector (for OLAP data sources such as SAP BW 3.x) ETL
Open Hub Services ETL
ODS Manager ETL
ABAP General Programming
Master Data Manager Master data Management
Reporting Agent Reporting
Bex Query Designer Reporting
Bex Analyzer Reporting
Bex Web Application Designer Reporting
Bex Web Analyzer Reporting
Ad-Hoc Query Designer Reporting
Bex Broadcaster Reporting
Bex Report Designer Reporting
BI Java SDK Reporting
Business Planning and Simulation (Outlook Soft) Reporting
Data Mining Workbench Reporting
OLAP BAPI Interface Reporting
InfoCube Manager Reporting
SAP Strategy Management (Pilot Works) Reporting
Metamodel Repository Designer General Metadata modeling tool
BI Document Repository Manager General Document repository tool
Archive Development Kit (Archiving Manager) General Archiving tool